The community has spoken! Read some of the testimonials of happy clients below. These are quotes from real people about the services and products they love, brought to you by Brows & Co. . 

"I've never in my life done anything like this before, but after seeing how hard Jolene Raybell worked and how incredible her results are, I gave it a try and got microblading done a few days ago. I am IN LOVE WITH MY RESULTS! Jo is truly an artist and if you've ever wanted to pamper yourself, go see her!!!!!" - Jennifer Shreve

"Look at my eyebrows! They are perfect because I just got my fill by Jolene. She of course is one of my favorite people, is super flexible with scheduling and knows when to pick a different shade and touch up a natural brow shape. Eyebrows really change your face when they are done well. Go experience the magic!" - Mia Jacobson

" I have known Jolene since I was 11 years old and its been her dream for as long as I can remember to get into beauty school. It's her passion and she finally made that dream come true! She cares for her clients, truly. She is worthy of all her hard work and dedication, her passion and excellent skills she's acquired. I went to see her today for a facial, you'll have to ask her what all she did but I will tell you the experience was warm, welcoming, peaceful and soulful. She's knowledgeable and all around a very beautiful person and I promise you will love her and what she's able to accomplish in just one session. I didn't even bother redoing my makeup afterwards and I have complete faith that by the end of my treatments my skill will be fixed and glowing! Thank you Jolene, your awesome." - Brandi LaFontaine